Setting Goals… and Actually Sticking to Them!

Goal Setting


Is your New Year’s resolution similar to the rest of the 45% of Americans whose 2018 goals are to “lose weight” or “get into shape?” As linear time continues to travel into the end of our first month’s healthful ambitions, you may or may not have the mindset or made the necessary adjustments to your daily routine to continue onward. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against you.  So if you set an exercise regime as a goal and in June are still going strong (pun intended), you’re well ahead of the pack.  So let’s not only join the 20%, but also lead others into this healthy wellness way of living to raise the standard!  How to help succeed:


First and foremost, try to understand what your intentions are for your goal.  Is dropping a few pounds or getting fit “just because” and only following the trend? Make it purposeful, such as losing weight to improve your health, change your visual appearance for summer swimsuits, improve your self-confidence for upcoming interviews, etc.  If there is no personal meaning, being resilient to reach your objectives is unlikely. Imagine reaching your goal(s), and how that will bring something good and life changing!

Also, remember to set reasonable goals. Sure, you ran a 5k once before and would love to join your Ironman® friend in the upcoming ultra marathon, but let’s be realistic… there’s being ambitious, and then there is putting your body into months of rehab after attempting something foolish, if you even get far enough to participate in the first place!  Instead, use the year to build up to bigger accomplishments for years to follow. Think, “life changing”, so you can continue to improve yourself without the dangers of destroying your body physically or mentally.  The 80% of those unsuccessful often put too high of expectations on themselves from the get-go. First, break it down and be realistic on where a good place to start is, then go after it!

Raising your standards

Don’t set a cap on what you can accomplish.  Understand there is no ceiling to stop you from improving.  No matter how much you think you know, there is always someone out there that has pushed his or her knowledge, skillset, and physical body further than you.  Build the drive they have, and set yourself up without limits. Use grit to get through the ups and downs life carries. Don’t let the scale or pain control your ambitions or mood… It’s okay to take a step back and re-evaluate your route to success.

Take Action!

Understand those who are in the health magazines, leading the Tour de France, or driving the Audi R8 to their monthly 5-star resort getaway probably did not binge-watch the Great British Baking show last weekend.  Instead, they wake up early to succeed in their ambitions and leave excuses behind in their sweat-stained towel. Note: their towel is just as sweat soaked as yours would be, had you gotten up at 5am to hit the gym before work.  It does take work to make the necessary changes to reach goals. Most people don’t just wake up in great shape with an Audi, it takes grit (not to be confused with Paula Dean’s grits).

Try this:

Find someone to partner up on your New Year’s goals. Get a workout partner, discuss and share healthy recipes, and hold each other accountable.  But if one person fails, that is no excuse to quit. Help them back up and remember to keep your standards high.  

Write out benchmarks and check them off, looking forward to reaching the next step.  Like a roll-playing game, keep leveling up! Set reminders of your goals and why they are important for you around the house and on your phone or computer.  

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Remember to be specific to what you are trying to accomplish, and envision where you would like to be when you reach your goal and what that success will feel like.  Be relentless and resilient, but know it’s okay to take steps back when life happens. Hold true to yourself and stay motivated… You got this! 2019, here we come!

Being a healthy weight is important for the body. If you’re struggling with weight loss and nothing is working, ask about our Physician’s Choice for Weight Loss Program. It’s not a diet, but a behavioral modulation program intended to live a healthier lifestyle – proven to be successful.

And if injuries are affecting your fitness goals, talk to the professionals!  We can help you get back on track. We are about getting you back to doing the things you love without pain or fear.


Corey McLeod, Strive! Health and Rehabilitation