Fall Risk and Prevention

We’ve all heard Life Alert’s® trademark, “I’m falling and I can’t get up,” which we associate with ‘old age’, and the misconception that falling is not a risk for the ‘young’ or those who don’t live around areas of hidden ice.  The fact is, however, that falling is a common mishap that can happen to anyone at anytime due to a multitude of factors and can often lead to a serious injury.  



Summertime often includes having ‘fun in the sun’ and/or traveling.  Although good for our mental health, these activities can often affect the amount of water consumption in our daily routine.  Staying hydrated is important for physiological functions, and maintaining a proper balance between water and electrolytes in our bodies determines how most our systems function,

Anti-Aging and Exercise


Anti-Aging and Exercise

Although the only way to truly support the title, “anti-aging,” is to embrace the inevitable part of life – death, there are things we can do to prolong our existence… and feel better and more youthful.  There are many factors in our lives that affect our health and aging.

Listen to Your Gut!

When we blindly ingest whatever substance pierced by the tines of our fork, we sometimes notice how our gut is trying to tell us something – good or bad – depending on what it is we are consuming. Sometimes we learn that lactose from milk is no longer being digested, or sugary snacks cause an increase in fat and/or lead to insulin dependence.

Muscle Matters!



We all know that building muscle helps with strength and makes us look fit.  But what exactly are muscles? How do they contribute to our health, and how can we be more efficient at keeping our muscles healthy.


Muscles are a band or bundle of fibrous tissue that has the ability to contract,

Making Good Food Choices

Making Good Food Choices

Losing weight is often a struggle for many Americans and it is difficult to keep the pounds down after dieting.  But with all the fad diets and trends, which one should you choose? Well ignore ALL of them. Stop counting calories, take a deep breath, and listen to what nature provides… REAL food.  

Setting Goals… and Actually Sticking to Them!


Is your New Year’s resolution similar to the rest of the 45% of Americans whose 2018 goals are to “lose weight” or “get into shape?” As linear time continues to travel into the end of our first month’s healthful ambitions, you may or may not have the mindset or made the necessary adjustments to your daily routine to continue onward.

Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Low back pain affects almost everyone.  In fact, 90% of Americans have or had once experienced low back pain symptoms.  Although this pain may subside naturally without any treatment after a month or so, without interventions a majority of us continue to have chronic pain.  Oftentimes a backache can also radiate down the back of the leg,

Dr. Jessica Perhealth

Welcome Dr. Perhealth

Welcome Dr. Perhealth!

Jessica Perhealth, D.C. joined the Strive! team in October 2017. She provides chiropractic services as part of the Strive! integrated medical team at our Pain & Spine Center.

As an athlete, Dr. Perhealth knows the importance of a well-aligned spine, and she can help you reach your healthcare goals through chiropractic adjustment.