Physical Therapy for Equestrians

Equestrian riders can sustain injuries just like any other sport. Here at Strive! Physical Therapy, we understand the unique demands that are put on the body while riding horses. Not only does the bodies overall health effect how well one rides, but it also effects the performance of an equine partner. Strive! can help you recover from injury and get you back to riding at your best.

Don McDuffee

Patient Spotlight – Don McDuffee

Back in 1994, Don broke his back and needed surgery. He put it off until six years ago. “My back started getting really bad, to the point of where I would have to roll out of bed onto the floor, crawl to the wall and pull myself up.” Once he could hardly walk, he went to see a neurosurgeon and had spinal fusion surgery. His doctor told him the procedure was successful, but the key to the surgery would be physical therapy.