Squash shoulder pain by Jackie Manning, ARNP

When shoulder pain comes up, many people automatically assume surgery is the go-to fix. Not the case! Shoulder pain has many problems, and treatment options are as diverse as the day is long. For example, bursitis, arthritis, injuries, and overuse are just a few of the many causes.  At Strive we offer solutions that can help without the need for surgery. Through diagnostic imaging analysis, along with the brilliant brains of our team of highly trained professionals, we can understand exactly what’s going on and determine the non-surgical treatment that is best for our patients.


A combo of medication and rest is an option that a lot of shoulder pain patients go for.  Medication and rest can reduce the pain, negating the need for surgery. Many conditions of the shoulder cause inflammation, leading to pain, weakness, and limited mobility of the shoulder joint. Although our team of healthcare providers can prescribe the necessary medications to take care of discomfort as the shoulder heals from a variety of conditions, meds aren’t the only option and are often unnecessary.

Trigger point injections are another idea. Trigger point injections are used to release the trigger points by relaxing the muscles where the trigger point is located. In this treatment, medications are combined, mixed and injected into the area and can be repeated as needed.

Physical Therapy is a winning choice that not only helps to resolve pain, but also increases muscle strength, range of motion, and alleviates inflammation. PT is a noninvasive therapy proven to be extremely beneficial in patients with acute and chronic shoulder pain.

If you suffer from chronic pain of any kind, due to any condition or injury, Strive offers hope!  Call today to get on your way to enjoying a pain free life.