Meet Troy Hancock

Meet Strive! Physical Therapist Assistant Troy Hancock. What he really loves about his job is helping people. Watch the video to learn more about Troy and Strive!

Dr. Jessica Perhealth

Welcome Dr. Perhealth

Welcome Dr. Perhealth!

Jessica Perhealth, D.C. joined the Strive! team in October 2017. She provides chiropractic services as part of the Strive! integrated medical team at our Pain & Spine Center.

As an athlete, Dr. Perhealth knows the importance of a well-aligned spine, and she can help you reach your healthcare goals through chiropractic adjustment.

May and June 2017 Inpatient Employees of the Month

Our two most recent employees of the month stand out for the way they Strive! for productivity and promote a team atmosphere.

Congratulations to Matt Stewart, our May 2017 Inpatient Employee of the Month.

Matt is a Physical Therapist Assistant. His coworkers call him an “awesome team player and hard worker.” Matt is known to go above and beyond to be productive and help out.

Employee Spotlight – Dr. Alec Martinez

“Whatever you do in your daily life is your sport,” Alec says. He approaches physical therapy the same way for patients who are serious athletes as patients whose sport is walking the dog.

“We find something that excites you, that you want to get up and do,” he says. His first consultation always focuses on the patient’s goals,

May 2017 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Nina Visaggio, our May 2017 Employee of the Month. As Patient Services Coordinator at our Maricamp and West Marion clinics, patients and staff alike find Nina a pleasure to work with.

“Nina is always a ray of sunshine at the front desk,” said one Strive! team member. “The patients love her bright,

April 2017 Employees of the Month

Strive! congratulates two true team players on being named April Employees of the Month.

Our Inpatient Employee of the Month is Occupational Therapist Harry Choi. Harry was nominated by a coworker because of her willingness to go over and beyond for her team.

“She takes the time to educate and mentor those in need and our new employees,” the nomination reads,

Meet Dr. Nichole Snyder

Have you met Dr. Nichole Snyder? Watch her gentle chiropractic care in action!

Call to schedule a chiropractic appointment or free consultation at either of our Ocala locations. Dr. Nichole loves helping patients move and feel better.

February 2017 Employees of the Month

Two employees who Strive! for excellence received Employee of the Month awards in February.
Vicki Krein, patient services coordinator for Great Northern Rehab, received the Outpatient Employee of the Month award for being the “glue” that holds together patients and staff with care and efficiency.

“Vicki greets all clients by name and remembers to inquire about the special details in their personal lives,” said Becky and GNR staff.

January 2017 Employees of the Month

As you know, our employees Strive! for excellence in all we do.

We are pleased to congratulate two outstanding employees who have been named our January 2017 Employees of the Month.

The award for Outpatient Employee of the Month goes to Jessica McIntosh, a physical therapy assistant at our Maricamp location.

Welcome – Dr. Nichole Snyder

Welcome Dr. Snyder

Nichole Snyder, D.C, joined the Strive! team in December 2016, bringing chiropractic care to the integrated services at our Pain & Spine Center. Affectionately known as “Dr. Nichole” to her patients, she loves helping people move better, feel better and live better. Her gentle method of chiropractic care helps soothe joints and muscles while promoting balance within the body.